Montgomery Village

Montgomery Village was created in 1962 by Kettler Brothers, Inc. The vision for a planned community in Gaithersburg is credited to architect Charles Kettler, who incorporated Kettler Brothers with his brothers Milton and Clarence in 1952.

Upcoming Events in Town

Photography as Art


Using the basics of the camera and composition, create a variety of fun art projects from you photo imagery. Projects may include photo cards, transfer and the creation of artwork from your photography. Campers provide a white T-shirt for a final project. Bring a digital camera that usues a memory card. Invite family and friends to an exhibition of your artwork on the last day of camp. 7-9 year old: 12:30pm- 3:pm. 10-12 years old : 9:00am- 11:30am

On the Hunt for the Grand Masters


Through games, explorative adventure and artwork we will discover the lives and inspiration of five great artists from history. Using a variety of media (charcoal, watercolor, pastels and acrylic) we will create our own masterpieces in the style of the artisits that we have explored. Invite family and friends to an exhibition of your artwork on the last day of camp. Ages 8-12



Each age group gets voice class, dance class and acting class each morning. Kids help develop the final sharing performance. In the process they receive expert instruction in acting, singing and dance from professional performers/teachers. Afternoon electives include, comic improv, playwriting, original story creation and production, art classes. Afternoon campers also get to have lots of creative input into the final production. ALL kids are equal! No stars or rather, ALL STARS! We don't cast a show with a couple leads and the rest background. Everyone gets equal stage time in voice, dance and acting!